Our Services

David J. Spector & Associates offers a comprehensive range of services to help make the process of getting from project inception to completion a smoother, more efficient one.


  • Define project objectives and establish management guidelines
  • Research and prepare comparative analyses for lease holds and properties evaluating budget, schedule, constructability, operating costs and planning efficiencies.
  • Recommend candidates for the project team and assist in their evaluation and selection
  • Negotiate consultant contracts
  • Establish reporting guidelines and project standards for the project team
  • Investigate zoning and building code issues
  • Identify client design and operating requirements
  • Establish program requirements
  • Evaluate and compare alternative design, mechanical and construction plans and specifications
  • Prepare budgets for both hard and soft costs
  • Evaluate and present cost/benefit analyses of alternative solutions and recommendations


  • Develop the approach to the project and establish the associated methodologies and protocols
  • Establish budget and schedule guidelines
  • Coordinate the project team to ensure that all consultants are performing on schedule and in concert
  • Oversee development of construction documents for the project, coordinating architectural design, engineering and existing conditions to minimize conflicts, and to maintain schedule and quality control
  • Verify that all necessary surveys of any existing conditions have been performed and confirm their adequacy and accurateness
  • Recommend candidates for general contractor/construction manager and assist in their evaluation and selection
  • Assist in the negotiation of the general contractor/construction management contract
  • Coordinate the prepurchase of long lead items
  • Coordinate building department and zoning requirements, filings and approvals
  • Review and analyze drawings and specifications at the various stages of development for constructability, completeness, budget adherence and schedule impact
  • Evaluate program modifications by providing feasibility and budgetary analysis, and then coordinate construction document revisions
  • Provide estimating and value-engineering services through design development and reviews of the construction budget
  • Recommend candidates for AV, IT, telephone and security and assist in their evaluation and selection


  • Monitor and provide regular reports updating project cost and schedule status
  • Chair regularly scheduled on site meetings to coordinate the project team
  • Review bid packages and bidders lists for contractors, and manage contractor bidding
  • Negotiate construction contracts; provide comparison summaries of Budget to Bid to Buy
  • Review all requisitions for payment, change orders and draw requests and coordinate the approval and payment process
  • Review the construction to determine the conformance of the work to the contract documents and resolve inconsistencies and field conditions
  • Coordinate the change order process
  • Review claims for extras from contractors and consultants, and negotiate fair value
  • Interface with third parties outside of the project team, including tenants, municipal authorities and utilities as required
  • Coordinate the compilation of the punch list, and monitor and schedule the punch list work
  • Negotiate the close out of all construction and consultant contracts