Five Things We Bring to Every Project

At David J. Spector & Associates, our beliefs are embedded in our processes and work approach and reflected in our demonstrated track record of successful projects and highly satisfied clients. Here are five things we bring to every project we manage:

1. An end-user’s perspective.

Our real estate development background has conditioned us to view projects from an end-user’s perspective. This allows us to focus on the bigger picture and help ensure that your goals and objectives are satisfied.

2. Senior-level attention.

Every project, no matter the size or scope, deserves expert attention. Because of our size, structure and commitment to your business, we are able to provide this senior-level focus to every project we manage.

3. A Zero Tolerance Operating Policy.

Our Zero Tolerance Operating Policy means no compromising. We demand the highest quality service from each member of your project team.

4. A team-building approach.

Over the years, we’ve built solid and established relationships with architects, engineers, attorneys, facilities managers, brokers, and contractors—the many individuals who comprise your project team. We know how to assemble experienced and harmonious project teams as well as build smooth and efficient team member interaction.

5. Consistent communication.

The timely flow of accurate information between project participants is critical for an effective response to issues as they arise. We keep you aware of the status, trend, and cost implication of all issues facing your project.